Unique You


-A- -B- -C, D, E-
2L8 - Too late
2U2 -T o you too
4GM - Forgive me
AAMOF - As a matter of fact
AAYF - As always, your friend
AFAIK - As far as I know
AFK - Away from keyboard
AKA - Also known as
ASAP - As soon as possible
ASL - Age, sex, location?
ASLP - Age, sex, location, picture?
ATM - At the moment
ATYS - Anything you say
AWA - As well as
B4 - Before
B4N - Bye for now
BAC - Back at computer
BBIAB - Be back in a bit
BBL - Be back later
BBS - Be back soon
BC - Be cool
B/C - Because

BCNU - Be seein' you
BD - Big deal
BFD - Big freakin' deal
BF - Boyfriend
BFN - Bye for now
BIL - Brother in law
BME - Based on my experience
BOT - Back on topic
BRH - Be right here
BRB - Be right back
BTDT - Been there, done that
BTW - By the way
BYTM - Better you than me
CBA - can't be arsed
CMIIW - Correct me if I'm wrong
CU - See you
CUL - Catch you later
CUS - See you soon
CUL8R - See you later
CWOT - Complete waste of time
CYA - See ya

DEFFO  - definitely
DIIK -Darned if I know
DIY -Do it yourself

EAK - Eating at keyboard
EG - Evil grin
EOD - End of discussion
EOL - End of lecture
EOR - End of rant

-F- -G- -H-
F - Female
F2F - Face to face
FCOL - For crying out loud

FFS - for f sake
FIL - Father in law
FITB - Fill in the blanks
FNB - Football and beer
FOCL - Falling off the chair laughing
FOFL - Falling on the floor laughing
FWIW - For what it's worth
FYA - For your amusement
FYI - For your information


G - Grin
G2G - Gotta go
GA - Good afternoon / Go ahead
GAL - Get a life
GAS - Greetings and salutations
GBH - Great Big Hug
GE - Good evening
GF - Girlfriend
GFN - Gone for now
GG - Good game
GI - Good idea
GIWISI - Gee, I wish I said it
GJ - Good job
GL - Good luck
GM - Good morning / Good move/match
GMTA - Great minds think alike
GN - Good night
GR8 - Great


H - Hug
HAFTA - have to
HB - Hug back
H&K - Hugs and Kisses
HAGD - Have a good day
HCIT - How cool is that
HF - Have fun
HH - Ha-ha
HHSF - Ha-ha, so funny
HHVF - Ha-ha, very funny
HOAS - Hold on a second
-I, J- -K, L, M- -N-
IAC - In any case
IAG - It's all good
IAGW - In a good way
IC - I see / In character
IDGI - I don't get it
IDNDT - I did not do that
IIRC - If I remember correctly
IK - I know
IKWUM - I know what you mean
IMAO - In my arrogant opinion
IME - In my experience.
IMHO - In my humble opinion
IMNSHO - In my not so humble opinion
INRS - It's not rocket science
IOW - In other words
IRL - In real life
IRSTBO - It really sucks the big one
IS - I'm sorry
ISWYM - I see what you mean

JMHO - Just my humble opinion
JTLYK - Just to let you know
J/K - Just kidding
J/P - Just playing


K - OK
KIR - Keepin' it real
KIT - Keep in touch
KWIM - Know what I mean?

L8R - Later
LMK - Let me know

LP - goodbye (Central Europe)
LTR - Long term relationship
LYK - Let you know
LMAO - Laughing my a off
LMBO - Laughing my butt off
LOL - Laugh out loud
LTNS - Long time no see
LUM - Love you man

M - Male
ME2 - Me too
MIL - Mother in law
MMA - Meet me at ...
MMAMP - Meet me at my place
MYOB - Mind your own business

N - In
NBD - No big deal
N2M - Not too much
N/C - Not cool
NE1 - Anyone
NM - Nevermind, Not much
NMH - Not much here
NMJC - Nothing much, just chillin'
NNITO - Not necessarily in that order
NO1 - No one
NOTTOMH - Not off the top of my head
NOYB - None of your business
NP - No problem
NRN - No reply necessary
NW - No way
-O, P, Q, R- -S, T, U- -V, W, X, Y, Z +-
OIC - Oh, I see
OMG - Oh my gosh
OOC - Out of character
OT - Off topic / Other topic

PLZ - Please
PPL - People
PROLLY - probably
POS - Parent over shoulder

QT - Cutie

RESQ - Rescue
RFC - Request for comment
RHIP - Rank hath its privileges

RL - real life
ROF - Rolling on the floor
ROTFL - Rolling on the floor laughing
RTFM - Read the flippin' manual


S2R - Send to receive
SCNR - Sorry, could not resist
SIL - Sister in law
SLY - Still love you
SWALK - Sweet, with all love, kisses
SWAK - Sealed with a kiss
SYSOP - System Operator

TCO - Taken care of
TOH - The other half
THX - Thanks
TNX - Thanks
TIA - Thanks in advance
TMA - Take my advice
TMI - Too much information
TTFN - Ta ta for now
TTYL - Talk to you later
TY - Thank you
TYVM - Thank you very much

U2 -You too
UR -Your
UR -You are ...

VBG - Very big grin

W2F - Way too funny
W8 - Wait
W8AM - Wait a minute
WB - Welcome back OR Write back
WE - Whatever
WNDITWB - We never did it this way before
WRT - With Regard To
WTF - What the freak?
WTG - Way to go!

XOXOXO - Hugs and kisses

Y - Why?
YMMV - Your mileage may vary
YRG - You are good!
YW - You're welcome
>U! - Screw you!
? - Huh?
?4U - Question for you


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