Home Remedies for

Health Problems

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Many common complaints can be relieved with home remedies -- or a combination of home remedy and mild, over-the-counter preparations.

Canker sores.  For quick pain relief:  Apply ice, a wet tea  bag, vitamin E or antacids such as Mylanta.  To make cankers go away:  gargle with a solution of three parts water and one part hydrogen peroxide.  Be careful not to swallow.

  • Prevention:  Eat at least four tablespoons daily of yogurt containing active cultures.
  • Eyestrain:  Prevention:  Stop close work every 30 minutes and focus on something far away for several seconds.  Stop every hour for two minutes and simply close your eyes.  The culprit may be an overhead fluorescent light.  Try turning it off and using an incandescent desk lamp instead.

    Flatulence.   Rock in a rocking chair... vigorously if possible, with feet on the floor.  Take an over-the-counter preparation containing simethicone.

  • Prevention:  Eating while lounging on a couch traps gas in the stomach... so eat sitting up in a chair.  Don't gulp while chewing.  This causes you to swallow air.  Learn to avoid the problem foods, including beans, cauliflower, radishes, sauerkraut.  Take Beano enzyme, which you can buy without a prescription, before eating vegetables and beans that give you trouble.
  • Stiff neck.  Relief:  Wrap a rolled up towel around your neck and fasten it snuggly with a safety pin... it will support your head and cut down on painful movements.  Try sleeping on your back temporarily... but don't use too many pillows.

  • Prevention:  Avoid drafts.  From a standing position, let your head slowly hang forward... then imagine that you are bringing the head back up, vertebra by vertebra.  Do the same thing on each side.  Avoid cradling the telephone on your shoulder.
  • Fatigue.  Exercise is probably the best energizer.  Do it as early in the day as possible to give yourself a boost.  If you exercise after seven at night, your raised energy level may keep you up late, leaving you fatigued the next day.  Learn not to breathe through your mouth, a main cause of shallow breathing and oxygen deprivation.  Paint your home in light colors.  A dark house induces feelings of fatigue.

    Source:  Sid Kirchheimer, author, with the editors of Prevention magazine health books, of  The Doctors Book of Home Remedies II.  Rodale Press.
    -- Excerpt from Doctor's Little Black Bag of Remedies & Cures from Boardroom books.
    Cranberry Juice Cure

    The old wives' tale about using cranberry juice for urinary-tract infections may well be true after all.  Women who drank 10 ounces a day of cranberry juice for six months were less than half as likely to have urinary tract infections as women who drank an identical-tasting placebo.

    Reason:  Cranberry juice may keep bacteria from attaching themselves to the lining of the bladder.  Caution:  The juice reduces bacterial counts, but does not replace antibiotics if needed.

    Source:  Jerry Avorn, MD, professor of medicine, Harvard.
    -- Excerpt from Doctor's Little Black Bag of Remedies & Cures from Boardroom books.